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8th Grade Formal

Senior Awards Ceremony

8th Grade Graduation

at 12:00PM


High School Graduation

at 5:00PM

Our Mission

At Great Oaks Charter School Bridgeport our mission is to develop the mindset of all students socially and academically through unrelenting focus on academic achievement with individualized care and support so that students will reach their maximum potential and have the skills and knowledge to prepare them for college, other career opportunities, and beyond. It is our goal that all Great Oaks Students will be able to take ownership over their academic career and consistently act on their commitment to our core values of Excellence, Perseverance, Integrity and Compassion.  They will understand how the choices they make today can impact the opportunities they have in the future. They will have developed a strong sense of self and pride in their own identity, and they will use their strengths to make a positive contribution to their communities and the rest of the world. 

Great Oaks Collage

Now Accepting Applications For School Year 2024-2025

We are a free, public charter school open to students of Bridgeport, CT and surrounding areas.  We will be accepting applications for grades 6 through 12 starting Apri for the 2024-2025 school year.

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Americorps Fellows

Great Oaks Charter School

Become a Fellow

Great Oaks Fellows represent a diverse group of recent college graduates with a variety of backgrounds and interests. Fellows serve as AmeriCorps members and provide one or more years of service in a Great Oaks school. Great Oaks offers a Teacher Residency program for Fellows who wish to become high-performing teachers.    

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